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Chippies switching to salt shakers with fewer holes in bid t....
2014-06-16 / source : mirror / :: Rating : rate it : 1

Chippies are switching to salt shakers with far fewer holes in a bid to prevent heart disease. They have swapped 17-hole cellars for five-hole ones to encourage customers to sprinkle less seasoning ....

Calcium Supplements Don't Raise Women's Heart Risks, Study S....
2014-05-31 / source : consumer / :: Rating : rate it : 1

In the wake of concerns that calcium supplements increase the risk for heart attack or stroke, a large, new U.S. study offers women and their doctors some reassurance. Researchers from Brigham and ....

Diabetes Drug Reduces Risk Of Breast Cancer
2014-05-25 / source : newsmain / :: Rating : rate it : 1

A new study has found that women who have used metformin, a diabetes drug for over five years, are at a lower risk of breast cancer than those taking other treatments. The study published in the jo ....

Early Menopause Increases Heart Failure Risk In Smokers
2014-05-18 / source : universityherald / :: Rating : rate it : 1

Women who go through early menopause have a higher rate of heart failure, according to a recent study. Smoking, current or past, raises the rate even more. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute ....

Best Vitamin D Choices for Diabetes
2014-05-18 / source : mendosa / :: Rating : rate it : 1

Scientists and doctors have begun to recognize that almost all of us need to get more vitamin D. Those of us who have diabetes often have very low levels of vitamin D in our systems. The experts st ....

Man’s best friend” being used to manage diabetes —just by sn....
2014-05-18 / source : fbresearch / :: Rating : rate it : 1

Dogs have long been renowned for their incredibly receptive noses, but we are only just beginning to grasp how extraordinary the canine sense of smell really is. Science is learning all kinds o ....

Research shows hope for normal heart function in children wi....
2014-05-15 / source : SLNT / :: Rating : rate it : 1

After two decades of arduous research, a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded investigator at the Children's Hospital of Michigan (CHM) at the Detroit Medical Center (DMC) and the Wayne State Un ....

Diabetes rates skyrocket in kids and teens
2014-05-15 / source : SLNT / :: Rating : rate it : 1

The prevalence of diabetes in children shot up dramatically between 2000 and 2009, a new study shows. The amount of type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease, climbed 21% from 2000 to 2009, to 1.93 pe ....

Vitamin B3 might have been made in space, delivered to Earth....
2014-04-19 / source : scd / :: Rating : rate it : 1

Ancient Earth might have had an extraterrestrial supply of vitamin B3 delivered by carbon-rich meteorites, according to a new analysis by NASA-funded researchers. The result supports a theory that the ....

Less Salt Likely Key Player in Drop in Stroke Deaths
2014-04-16 / source : mdpt / :: Rating : rate it : 1

England has seen a significant reduction in stroke deaths in recent years, and lower dietary salt intake appears to have played a key role in that decline, according to analysis of nationwide data. ....

'Tamiflu doesn't work' - researcher
2014-04-11 / source : on / :: Rating : rate it : 1

New evidence shows that the Tamiflu, a drug stockpiled around the world during the 2009 swine flu pandemic, doesn't work, according to a University of Auckland researcher. Dr Vanessa Jordan, the Ne ....

Cancer cells may respond to mechanical force
2014-04-11 / source : SLNT / :: Rating : rate it : 1

The push and pull of physical force can cause profound changes in the behavior of a cell. Two studies from researchers working at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center reveal how cells respon ....

Adult stem cell
2014-04-09 / source : sd / :: Rating : rate it : 1

Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells found throughout the body that divide to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues. Also known as somatic stem cells, they can be found in ch ....

Natural protein Elafin against gluten intolerance?
2014-04-09 / source : sd / :: Rating : rate it : 1

Scientists from INRA and INSERM (France) in collaboration with scientists from McMaster University (Canada) and the Ecole polytechnique fédérale of Zurich (Switzerland) have shown that Elafin, a human ....

HIV Linked to Coronary Artery Plaque
2014-04-02 / source : medpage / :: Rating : rate it : 1

Men with long-term HIV infection have a higher risk of developing coronary artery plaque than uninfected men, regardless of other risk factors, researchers reported. And the plaque is more likely t ....

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